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  • Youth 'Capture the Creek" Photography Contest - Entry Deadline is May 31st  The Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance is once again holding a youth photography contest as a way to promote public awareness and to showcase photos that capture the beauty, vitality and importance of the Chiques Creek Watershed. Children from kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible to submit entries for this contest and several very nice prizes will be given away to photo winners.  For more information for you or your child and how they can participate in this event download the Photo Contest Rules.


  • Donegal Fish & Conservation Association Meeting
    Monday, May 18th at 7PM at Donegal Presbyterian Church (Donegal Springs Rd., Mount Joy)
  • Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance Meeting
    Wednesday, May 20th at 5:30PM at the Farm & Home Center (1383 Arcadia Rd., Lancaster)
  • Donegal Trout Unlimited Meeting
    Wednesday, May 20th at 7PM at the Farm & Home Center (1383 Arcadia Rd., Lancaster)
  • Lititz Run Watershed Alliance Meeting
    Thursday, May 21st at 7AM at the Rock Lititz Campus (Route 501, Lititz)
  • Tri-County Conewago Creek Association Meeting
    Wednesday, May 27th at 7PM at the Conewago Township Bldg. (Hershey)
  • Cocalico Creek Watershed Association Meeting
    Monday, June 1st at 7PM at the Cocalico Sportsman Building (Sportsman Rd., Reinholds)
  • Pequea Creek Watershed Association Meeting
    Tuesday, June 2nd at 7PM at the Providence Township Building (Mount Airy Rd.)
  • Octoraro Watershed Association Meeting
    Tuesday, June 2nd at 7PM at the OWA Bldg. (517 Pine Grove Rd., Nottingham)
  • Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium Steering Committee Meeting
    Wednesday, June 3rd at 3PM at the Farm & Home Center (1383 Arcadia Rd., Lancaster)
  • Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance Meeting
    Wednesday, June 3rd at 7PM at the Rapho Township Bldg. (Colebrook Rd., Manheim)
  • Lancaster County Conservation District Board Meeting
    Wednesday, June 3rd at 7:30PM at the Farm & Home Center (1383 Arcadia Rd., Lancaster)
  • Millcreek Preservation Association Meeting
    Tuesday, June 9th at 2:30PM at the Ressler Mill Carriage House (intersection of Stumptown Rd. & Route 772, Mascot)
  • Donegal Trout Unlimited Fish & Golf Tournament - Thursday, June 11th from 5:30AM to noon at Foxchase Golf Club (Denver)  Come out and support a great annual fund-raiser for local coldwater streams throughout Lancaster County.  This annual event regularly draws a bunch of people that want to help local water resources.  Attendees to the event get to fish, golf with a partner, enjoy two meals (breakfast and lunch), and help out local coldwater streams.  All proceeds stay here in Lancaster County to solve water resource needs here at home.  For more information or to register visit the Donegal TU web page and come help a great cause.
  • Water Quality Volunteer Coalition Meeting
    Wednesday, July 15th at 2:30PM at the Farm & Home Center (1383 Arcadia Rd., Lancaster)


  • Watershed Restoration and Protection Program (WRPP) now open.  Act 13 of 2012 establishes the Marcellus Legacy Fund and allocates funds to the Commonwealth Financing Authority for watershed restoration and protection projects.  The overall goal of the Watershed Restoration and Protection Program (WRPP) is to restore, and maintain restored stream reaches impaired by the uncontrolled discharge of nonpoint source polluted runoff, and ultimately to remove these streams from the Department of environmental Protection's Impaired Waters List.  Potential projects should use the funds for construction, improvement, expansion, repair, maintenance or rehabilitation of new or existing watershed protection Best Management Practices.  There is a maximum of $300,000 for any project and a 15% match of the total project cost is required.  The deadline to apply for this funding is June 30th.  For more information or to download the application visit the WRPP website.
  • The Department of Environmental Protection is now accepting applications for its 2015 Growing Greener Plus Watershed Protection and Restoration Grants Program.  For the upcoming grant round, the Department will invest in projects that will ultimately protect or restore, or both, watersheds in the Commonwealth from impairment due to nonpoint source pollution, with a focus on priority activities.  Examples of eligible projects include those that will reduce nonpoint source pollution in watersheds where streams are impaired, projects that will help reduce Total Maximum Daily Load pollutants, and integrating stormwater management into watershed management and water conservation strategies.  Applications will be accepted for this program until July 10th.  For more information visit the DEP Growing Greener web page.
  • National Fish & Wildlife Foundation's (NFWF) Technical Capacity Grants Program now open.  NFWF in partnership with EPA, is soliciting applications from approved NFWF Technical Assistance Providers ("eligible applicants") to provide technical services on behalf of local governments, nonprofit organizations, and conservation districts ("eligible beneficiaries") for projects that enhance local capacity to more efficiently and effectively restore the habitats and water quality of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.  Eligible beneficiaries interested in receiving technical capacity assistance through this program are encouraged to consult NFWF current list of eligible applicants which list the expertise, geographic service area, and contact information for approved NFWF Technical Assistance Providers.  Applications may only be submitted by eligible applicants and must list and document the support of at least one eligible beneficiary. Deadline for Stormwater Management Projects proposals are due September 17th.  For more information on any of these program areas visit the NFWF website.
  • EPA's Environmental Justice Small Grants Program now open.  The environmental Justice Small Grants Program supports and empowers communities working on solutions to local environmental and public health issues.  the program assists recipients in building collaborative partnerships to help them understand and address environmental and public health concerns in their communities. Successful collaborative partnerships involve not only well-designed strategic plans to build, maintain, and sustain the partnerships, but also working towards addressing the local environmental and public health issues.  For more information on how to call for a pre-application assistance program visit the EPA website.
  • The Chesapeake Bay Trust is accepting applications for the Outreach and Community Engagement track of the Mini-Grant program on a rolling basis until funds are fully expended. Applications must be received at least 6 weeks prior to your project start date. For more information visit the Chesapeake Bay Trust website.
  • Exelon's Environment Program supports projects that improve the quality of our environment; promote environmental education, conservation and preservation; develop cleaner sources of energy; protect endangered species; and beautify neighborhoods.  Will fund projects located within communities where they work (ie Holtwood).  For more information visit the Exelon website.


For more information on the Lancaster County Conservation District's Watershed Program,
contact Matthew W. Kofroth, Watershed Specialist - mattkofroth@lancasterconservation.org or 717-299-5361 ext 124.

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