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The Bald Eagle Creek Watershed is a 53 square mile watershed in the northern part of Blair County. About half of the watershed lies within Centre County. The Blair County portion of the watershed drains south toward Tyrone Borough. Approximately 50% of Tyrone Borough and 70% of Snyder Township lie within the watershed. The watershed is mostly forested, with some farmland and the suburban areas around Tyrone Borough also draining to Bald Eagle Creek. The watershed contains portions of State Game Lands 156 and 278. Bald Eagle Creek (formerly known as the South Bald Eagle Creek) is a 9.4-mile-long tributary of the Little Juniata River in Blair County. The creek runs southwest through the Bald Eagle Valley along the foot of the Bald Eagle Mountain ridge. It flows through Snyder Township, Tyrone Borough, and the unincorporated area “Bald Eagle.” This tributary shouldn’t be confused with another tributary of the same name- the longer Bald Eagle Creek, of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. This 55.2 mile long tributary lies primarily in Centre County. It runs north in the Bald Eagle Valley from the same headlands near the Blair County/Centre County line, terminating in the West Branch Susquehanna River near Lock Haven.